The Steaks are High

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A classic lunch favourite we'd love to share with you:

Princess Pantry Steak Sandwich

  • Allow 2 pieces sliced sourdough per person
  • one 120g piece of flattened rump steak
  • dash of olive oil
  • roasted tomatoes
  • washed rocket leaves
  • your favourite mayonnaise
  • salt and pepper
  • Princess Pantry's Princepessa's Balsamic Onion Jam

1. Heat heavy fry pan. Add a dash of oil and sizzle steak, season each side with a little salt and pepper.

2. When cooked remove from pan and set aside. Meanwhile spread mayonnaise on bread. Arrange rocket leaves on one slice.

3. Place steak on top of leaves. Add tomatoes and finish with a generous spoon of Onion Jam

4. Top with remaining bread. Serve immediately.

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