The Kitchen fabric of our lives

December 26th, 2011  Tags: , , ,
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I love the fabrics found in the kitchen. Sometimes, to me, it seems quite disrespectful that artfully printed tea towels, girlie floral aprons lined with primary coloured ric rac and tablecloths carefully embellished with bright stitched bouquets, are splashed with food and smudged with buttery fingers, when they could just be looked at and adored for their prettiness.


The current trend to repurpose gives these lovely linens a second chance to show us what's special about them. This is one of my favourite tea towels, it's been transformed into a big fat, comfy pillow. If you like to tinker with cloth, and your flea market collection of vintage linens is piling up, start snipping, even a tiny detail from a  worn napkin can be saved and appliqued onto something to give it a new life.



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  1. Keyanna says:

    Hats off to wohever wrote this up and posted it.

    • Mike says:

      Hi there, I’m a fellow blogger, I’m glad I came to visit your blog. I love all your vintage embroidered cloths. I also love your tea for one set very pretty! I also have a collection of my grandmothers embroidery and crocheted cloths I love them and use them often. I like drink my daily tea and coffee in vintage tea cups too! I enjoyed browsing your blog.

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